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Environmental Clean Up: Recycling At Home

| March 6, 2014 | 0 Comments

The topic about recycling has been in the spotlight for several years, increasing people’s awareness and building in them the habit to start and do their best to protect the environment. There are many ways to think green and manage your daily life without putting the planet in danger. Recycling at home is a way […]

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Reuse Recycle Go Green This Christmas

| December 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

Christmas has become so commercialized that it is now hard to know what it is anymore. Christmas time can be incredibly wasteful. Think of all the wrapping paper torn off presents and thrown into landfills and bad for the environment. There are go green alternatives, so let’s make use of them. Consider how to minimize […]

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Reduce Re-Use Recycle: Staying Green with Infants’ Toys

| September 11, 2013

Most children’s toys are outgrown long before that of their workmanship. For parents who adopt “staying green” habits around the household, you’ll find that you can integrate the same ideas with your children’s toys. The following are important tips for going “staying green.” Reduce Purchasing new toys can reduce the amount of energy that is […]

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Recycling Your Real Christmas Tree

| January 3, 2013

Each year, millions of real Christmas trees are cut down worldwide for the holiday season. And every year at the end of the first weekend in January, a lot of these trees end up simply discarded. But there are really much better ways to dispose of a real Christmas tree. Ways that are much better […]

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