Steps To Reduce Energy Use

| February 4, 2014

green earthNowadays there are a lot of attention on the depleting reserves of energy all around the world. These crisis has affected everyone everywhere. We are rapidly exhausting our earth’s non-renewable resources like coal, oil and natural gas and others.

As individuals we feel helpless to do anything, believing that nothing we do could ever possibly make a difference. However, as a collective, together we all contributed in some way to our global crisis which means that we can by our collective efforts make significant changes for the positive as well.

Let’s see what you can do to reduce energy use today. There is good deal you are able to do to make a positive impact on reducing climate aberrations, food shortages, forest devastation, pollution and so on. in the long-run, by making some life style changes.

Be knowledgeable – Think of the millions of trees that perish day-after-day so you can have your morning paper. You can reduce this unchaste devastation of trees by canceling your newspaper subscriptions and applying an online subscription. You get your daily dose of news and a few trees are saved.

Transportation – Just imagine all the gas-guzzlers that we drive every day belching out carbon dioxide while devouring insane amounts of fuel. Look at healthier and more environment-friendly options. Car pooling has really caught on in many places. Use your most fuel-efficient vehicle to car pooling or just use transit to get around. Walk-to or cycling even once a week can be a big impact.

Reduce air conditioner usage – Only use air conditioner in your car if absolutely a must. At speeds of below 40 mph you burn less fuel if you have the windows open. however, at speeds over 45 mph the AC burns less fuel because open windows tend to create extra drag, therefore burning more fuel. So don’t refrain from using the AC if the weather calls for it.

Drive happy – Being intense or stressed out could cause you to use heavy footedness and burn up to a lot more fuel than driving in a calm state of mind. This is a good example of when driving aggravated can penalize you financially let alone the affect your wellness. Try listening to relaxing music while you drive. Be aware of your moods, try to catch yourself before your stress levels get too elevated.

Recycle and reuse – Recycling and reusing has become the slogan of our times and with good reason. Most plastics are non-biodegradable, you are throwing out junk everyday that the environment just cannot cope with. Try to avoid using plastics on a daily basis and use reusable bags when you do shopping. If you can’t avoid using plastics then recycle and reuse as much as you are able to.

Plant trees – A single tree can breathe in as much as a ton of carbon dioxide throughout its lifetime. Try planting several trees in your lifetime. It’s dumbfounding how few of us do something that significant even though it is so easy.

Boycott harmful products – Use more “green” products and “green’ technologies. Don’t support the people who are wreaking mayhem on our planet by continuing to buy their environmentally harmful products.

Teach your kids – You can help your children inherit a cleaner, healthier planet by schooling them from the beginning. Begin by teaching your kids to reduce energy use to conserve power and resources and let them know the terrible consequences of not taking care of the environment.

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